Ezra is the best rock 'n' roll piano player around ! - Don Walker (Cold Chisel)



 What a  brilliant album, Fantastic songs, amazing musician and Ezra Lee's lively vocals and countrypolitan piano work all combine to a thoroughly entertaining listen.  This is great rockin' Americana folks ! 

- Del Villarreal, Motobilly Radio - Michigan, USA


Great new album from Australia's King Of The Keys. Go the mighty Ezra Lee !!

 - Bridie King, Australia's Queen Of Boogie Woogie



 UK Rock 'n' Roll Magazine

Review by Tony Screti

Cryin' At the Wheel by Ezra Lee Released 20th March 2020 on Cat House Music Reviewed 29th April 2020 Cryin' at the Wheel is the latest killer album to add to Australian Rockin' Piano man Ezra Lee’s impressive catalogue. Packed with 12 killer tracks this albums is very good and it’s sure to keep the listener enthralled as it changes from Country to rockabilly to boogie woogie and blues. I loved listening and reviewing this album, a little different maybe to some of Ezra’s previous release, but for me I like it and it’s an homage to my favourite Americana genres. Review. First track is the album title “Cryin' at the Wheel” and it’s a really cool roots country song, played with a mid-tempo beat and ideal for a slow stroll or line dance, this is a cracker and it’s clear to see how this style of country evolved into Rockabilly. Next up is “A Thousand Reasons” and it’s another gem, a little more mid paced and again with a hint of country, love it. “Hello Heartache” finally gets to a more rockabilly sounding track, more piano on this one and a killer sax. This one is a great stroller. “Nursing My Broken Heart” has a real cattle ranch country sound to it, slow with great vocals and lyrics. “I Never Thought I'd Miss You” is one of my favourite tracks, up tempo rockabilly track with killer slap bass and Harmonica, this one’s a killer. “Bayou Teshe” has a different sound to the others a bit more blues on this mid paced track, still for me a very good song. Next offering is “Keep Your Hands off My Baby” and it’s another up-tempo rockabilly track and I like it, this one will get you on your feet, cracking. “Rockabilly Beatin’ Boogie Band” just keeps the great rockabilly music flowing with another up tempo piano boogie woogie track, great Jiver. “ Down & Dirty” Oh yes it sure is, full on blues track, great beat and very much in the style of the 50’s blues tracks I like, almost slim Harpo ish, but with a boogie woogie piano. “Way Past Crying Time” is a slower track that blends Blues, Rockabilly and country, great stuff! “One More Chance” is an up tempo jiver, how would I describe it? Well let’s go for piano Boogie woogie. Last track is “Woman of Mine” and it’s another of my favourites, great rockabilly track, what a way to end! Wow, Ezra sure does take you on a journey around several styles on this album, you get roots country, rockabilly, boogie woogie and blues on maybe his most diverse album to date. But hell it’s a killer and very grown up! This one will appeal to maybe a wider audience than just Rockabilly’s.


Copycat Killer (2019) on Cat House Music is a tribute the early rock 'n' roll music of 'The Killer' - Jerry Lee Lewis. Featuring many classic songs Great Balls Of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, High School Confidential and Breathless as well as some underrated gems that Jerry Lee himself wrote ... Pumpin' Piano Rock, End Of The Road and New Orleans Boogie ! The album also features the song Hellfire & Brimstone written for this album by San Diego rocker Jay Wiseman. 




Festivals and venues

Ezra Lee has performed at great Australian festivals and venues as The Sydney Opera House, Blues On Broadbeach (QLD), Blues At bridgetown (WA), GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Weekender (QLD/VIC), Byron Bay Bluesfest (NSW), Star Casino Sydney (NSW), The Blues Train (VIC), Cooly Rocks (QLD), Wintersun (QLD), St. Kilda Blues Festival (VIC), Tamworth Country Music Festival (NSW), Red Hill Country Music Fest (VIC), Johno's Blues Bar Cairns (QLD), Perth Blues Club, Wannaroo Fest (WA),  Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society (VIC), The Dogs Bar (VIC), The Grand Junction Hotel (NSW), The Lions Den Hotel (Far North QLD), Echuca Blues Festival (VIC), Lucky 13 Garage (VIC), Lady Luck Fest (NSW), Sydney Rock 'n' Roll Markets (NSW), The Comedy Theatre (VIC), Geelong GPAC (VIC), Twelfth Night Theatre (QLD), Whitehouse Theatre (VIC), Gympie Muster (QLD), Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Weekender (VIC), The Wicko (NSW), Shady Pines Saloon (NSW), Phillip Island Kustom Nats (VIC), Twin Towns Resort (QLD), Tweed Heads Golf Club (NSW)

and performed at such great international festivals and venues as the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA), Joe's Great American Bar & Grill (Burbank, California, USA), American Legion Hall (Bell Garden, California, USA), Rockabilly Rave (UK), Rhythm Riot (UK), The Rockin' Race Jamboree (Spain), International Boogie Woogie Festival (UK), Le Balajo (Paris, France), Cosmic Trip (Spain), Surforama (Spain), Screamin' Weekender (Spain), Cactus Bar (Netherlands), Graveland Jamboree (Germany), Midsommer Jamboree (Finland)


Ezra Lee has also performed and recorded with great and respected artists such as Wanda Jackson (USA), Dale Watson (USA), Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo (USA), Lance Lipinski (USA), Bobby Wilson - son of Jackie Wilson (USA), The Velvet Candles (Spain), Wiley Reed (USA), TJ Mayes (USA), Darrel Higham (UK), The Round Up Boys (Germany), The Doel Brothers (UK), Carlos Bandido (UK), Stephane Swervy (UK), Ben Waters (UK), Big John Carter (UK), Julian Phillips (UK),  Pat Capocci, Scotty Baker, Gary Young (Daddy Cool), Steve Williams (John Farnham band), Ray Hoff & The Off Beats, Julian James, Dutch Tilders, Doug Wilshire, Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys, James Blundell, Doug Parkinson, The Heartbrokers, Jeff Lang, Phil Emmanual, Smokin' Joe Robinson, Lawrie & Shelly Minson, Red Rivers, Paulie Bignell, Hanks Jalopy Demons, Dave Larkin, Nick Barker, Steve Hoy, Nathan Brett, Hank Green, Pete Baylor, Andy Baylor, Sam Leman, Graeme Thomas (Preston Records AUS), Ivan Zar, James Thomson, Neil Murray, The Firebird Trio, Thee Wylde Oscars, Jay Wiseman, Kieron McDonald, The Elderados, Annie O'Dee & The Hot Shots, Cold Heart, Joel Sutton and many more